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Boulevard System 3

SA # E60PQ-140003/071/PQ

Series information

Create. Nurture. Collaborate. Shape your space. Boulevard System 3 lays the foundation for vibrant workspaces that flex and adapt to meet the realities of today’s workplace. System 3 supports individual work while facilitating the connections between people and the places they share. Create moments for retreat and privacy, protected from the activity of the busy office. Configure and reconfigure easily with a concise collection of component parts. Easily switch out panel tiles with glass, whiteboards, fabrics or laminates to seamlessly customize your aesthetic and degree of privacy.


  • Rigid extruded aluminum frame
  • Base and above work surface power and data lay-in
  • Patented “Knuckle-Lock”, rigid connection, prevents light and sound transmission
  • Removable multi-functional tile design options
  • Self levelers reduce assembly time, ensure even height
  • State-of-the-art snap-in electrical
  • 8 wire 4 circuit electrical system
  • High pressure laminate surfaces with wire access scoops
  • Worksurfaces adjustable to any height, in 1” increments
  • Metal storage with all metal-to-metal connections
  • Double-wall construction on all pedestal drawer fronts
  • Easy to reconfigure


Dual power/data

Wire management scoops

Easy snap in electrical

Integrated frameless privacy

Hanging accessory tiles

Glazing and fabric tiles


Panel Systems

CAT1A - Interconnecting Panels

Model / Styles

Fabrics & Finishes