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Productivity Solutions

Contract #: OSS-00510687


A comprehensive series of ergonomically sound products, naturally connecting people with technology to enhance comfort and productivity.


  • All keyboard support mechanisms work on 24"D and 30"D free and clear surfaces

  • All trays accommodate keyboards and mouse supports

  • All Trays include a mouse fence with a cable manager to secure the mouse when the tray is tilted.

  • Monitor mounting brackets with Quick Connect adaptor contain both 75mm & 100mm VESA mounting standards

  • Clamp and Grommet mounting hardware included with every arm

  • Dual monitor arms option indivudla arms or with horizontal crossbar ensure proper side-by-side alignment

  • 3 simplex power modules include as standard 2 rapid-charge USB ports and an expandable Telcom bracket (Telcom not included)

  • Duplex power modules models also include as standard 2 rapid-charge USB ports

  • Mobile or Work Surface Supported CPU holders keep access points at your fingertips or tucked away when not required.



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