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Seeing the big picture

At Global, it means integrating our efforts to sustain the earth, air and water into our entire corporate culture, at all levels, in all operations. 360° thinking means that at every stage of every product’s life, from conceptualization through manufacturing to reclamation of resources at the end of its life, we ensure that it has the smallest possible negative impact on human well-being and the environment. 360° thinking means going beyond our own walls and working with our suppliers, customers and the broader community to achieve more than we could alone. It means building on past successes and developing new technologies to take us into the future. It’s about seeing the results of our efforts in the world around us and knowing that we have laid the foundation so that future generations can carry our success even further.

Working together to make a difference

Assisting You in Your “GREEN” Initiatives

Throughout our operations, we at Global Contract are diligent in reducing our impact on the environment and we consistently endeavor to make prudent business decisions that help protect and preserve our earth and its natural resources. As we strive for “continual improvement” and the prevention of pollution, Global Contract complies with both the spirit and the letter of all relevant environmental legislation and regulations.

Because we’re convinced that it is our responsibility to help protect the environment for future generations, Global Contract believes that, through our knowledge and leadership, we can work together in achieving meaningful environmental goals & initiatives.

“Global Contract’s management is dedicated to providing customers with products that minimize the negative impacts on the environment throughout their entire lifecycle.”

Karen Worthy, Director of Quality & Environmental, Global Contract, Inc.

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in Global Contract’s product design, manufacturing, day-to-day business operations and in our environmental principles & policies, all of which are manifested in the activities of our voluntary environmental programs promoting the implementation and compliance with:

Certified Green

  1. Level
  2. FSC®
  3. Greenguard
  4. ISO 14001
  5. OHSAS 18001

360° Thinking Environment Report

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