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Primacare Lounge

Contract #: GOA 3087


Healthcare environments require purpose-built furniture solutions that respond to the unique requirements of people in care and the people who care for them. Primacare is designed for people, designed to perform, designed to last, and designed to reduce the cost of ownership. Primacare’s comprehensive family of products is a ‘one spec’ solution that quickly becomes familiar to patients and caregivers, improving staff retention and everyone’s safety in the process. With over 30 years of healthcare furniture manufacturing experience, we know that facilities, technology and delivery models are constantly changing. Primacare is a ‘future thinking’ seating solution that was designed for change: repairable, replaceable, sustainable and reconfigurable onsite with no downtime. Primacare is built to perform for decades, even in the most demanding applications.



  • Single to five seater styles with or without center arms

  • Solid hardwood frame with die cast zinc connectors and metal-to-metal fastening

  • Metal mesh seat deck

  • Contoured back with built-in lumbar support

  • Wallsaver legs offer first contact to protect walls and chair back

  • Arm caps are available in solid wood or self-skinned urethane

  • Replaceable seat covers and replaceable and/or removable seat cushions

  • Easy grip forward extending arm cap

  • Seamless waterfall front and clean out between and around the seat and back cushions

  • Arm caps fastened with metal-to-metal connectors which allow for field replacement

  • Seat and back made from 3.5" Ultracell Bio Foam

  • Bariatric limit: 500 lbs.

  • Please refer to contract GOA 3087 on IMAGIS for pricing and discounts



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