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Contract #: CSA 000936


The applause has begun for Stream™ our latest multitasker with a chic aesthetic that sets a new bar for plastic seating. Expertly designed by Richard Douglas Rose and seamlessly detailed to the touch and eye from any angle. Designers compliment the matching arms, seating surfaces, under-seat shroud and glides available in 14 great colors. From a 10 minute chat with a colleague to a few hours in the classroom, a ‘comfortable sit’ is the defining ingredient that makes Stream a great all-rounder. Gentle anatomical contouring of the seat and back surfaces provides even support without creating pressure points or restricting movement. The perforations in the plastic surfaces provide airfow for additional comfort during longer sessions.


  • Fourlegged models, sled base models, tablet models and stools

  • Units available with or without arms

  • Glide color matches seat/back finish

  • Four-legged and sled models are stackable up to 5 high on floor and 15 high on dolly

  • Four-legged and sled chair styles are available as tablet models

  • Polypropylene seats and backs are available in 14 colors

  • Four-legged chairs are optionally available with casters