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Contract #: CSA 000936


The Vion family is not only design savvy, but is adaptable to any office or meeting room environment. Vion is no ordinary office chair. Designed by Zooey Chu, Vion’s unique back provides exceptional comfort throughout the workday. Add the optional lumbar support and you just might never leave your workplace.Vion’s mesh backs are available in ten colors, offering a pleasing aesthetic. Two frame fnishes are also available, standard Black and optional Fog. These colors coordinate with an infnite variety of textiles to suit every design direction. Fully upholstered models are also available, making Vion adaptable to any offce interior. Two back heights and five mechanisms are offered along with mesh and upholstered back varieties. With the inclusion of drafting stools, guest seating, counter height and bar height stools, as well as heavy duty models, the Vion family becomes an excellent choice for the modern office.


  • Chair Height Adjustment (Except Side and Beam Seating)

  • Side Activated Tilt-Tension (Except Side and Beam Seating)

  • Adjustable Lumbar (Except Side and Beam Seating)

  • Various Chair Arm Options Available

  • Mesh or Upholstered Backs

  • Ergonomic Adjustment Features Include Synchro-Tilter with Back Angle Adjustment, Weight Sensing Synchro-Tilter, Multi-Tilter, and Tilter and Task (Except Side and Beam Seating)