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Open Area

SA # E60PQ-140003/071/PQ

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Open Area furniture creates spaces within spaces for the individual or the group. In today’s modern activity-based open office work environment, finding a place to settle down when you’re no longer tethered, can be a challenge.

Individual work pods allow a drop-in space to work amongst your peers without being emersed in all the activity. Access technology, power, and data any place and any time. Enjoy the benefits of the open work place and collaboration when needed to enhance your productivity and wellness.

Group work pods are the perfect retreat from the confines of the boardroom, creating a relaxing atmosphere for team and project work with access to technology and the open office resources. These ABW collaborative spaces offer a healthy balance between solitude and collaboration, creating a hub for team meetings or a workshop for project management tasks.

Individual private lounge chairs is an area for the person to find the personal. A reflection point to think about the tasks at hand, the day ahead of you, or to meditate and think of nothing at all. Rejuvenate the mind and the body by plugging in or disconnecting entirely.


  • Seating is included where shown
  • All pods include power as standard
  • Power is available as a duplex outlet or a combination power and USB outlet
  • Panels are available in heights between 50" and 58"
  • Panels available in different combinations of laminate, fabric, whiteboard, and/or glazing
  • All work surfaces are high pressure laminate
  • All finishes co-ordinate with other Global SA Category offerings
  • Pods can be integrated with other Global CAT1A and CAT1B systems
  • Personalize with custom graphics


Desk top power

Seated power

Curved panel design

Personalized graphics

Multiple finish options

Activity Based Work Pods

CAT6 - Support Space Furniture

Model / Styles

Model / Styles

Model / Styles

Fabrics & Finishes