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SA # E60PQ-140003/071/PQ

Series information

At its core, Bridges focuses on linear, back-2-back table assemblies, and its expanded toolbox makes it ideal for a multitude of workplace solutions – it can even be integrated with Boulevard system furniture. This freestanding system allows you to mix it up, throw ideas around, be mobile, and connect the dots in different ways. Bridges is completely customizable with its variety of workstation configurations, finishes and features including worksurface power/data access, privacy partitions, out-of-sight wire management and easy expansion from single to multi-person stations.


  • High pressure laminate surfaces
  • Painted metal finishes match all system components
  • Accessible work surface power/data and wire management troughs
  • Privacy partitions
  • Connecting expansion beams and brackets
  • Smart storage options and CAT1A system integration


Power trough

Privacy partitions

Wire management



Work Surface Mounted Privacy Screens

CAT1B - Freestanding Systems

Model / Styles